Husky's commitment to inclusion and diversity is an important driver of its culture and success.

Inclusion & Diversity at Husky

As a company, Husky:

  • aims to create a workplace that reflects the communities in which it works
  • ensures people are treated with dignity and respect, are free of harassment, and inclusion and diversity are valued in all forms
  • values and embraces differences of opinion, ability, experience and background
  • fosters an inclusive workplace, not only to allow every employee to achieve their full potential, but also to help drive outstanding business results
  • understands a fundamental component to attracting top talent is increasing representation from women, Indigenous and Black individuals, visible minorities, members of the LGBTQ community and persons with disabilities

Gender Diversity

Recognizing the need to improve the representation of people from diverse backgrounds at senior levels, Husky has set a target of 25% women at the Vice President level and above. The target is a first step — an achievable goal through Husky's existing talent management and development programs.

The Company's broader gender equity strategy includes working with key partner organizations to help increase representation in careers related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). These organizations include Networking Empowering Women and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). In Alberta we work with Operation Minerva, where girls in Grade 8 shadow women at Husky with careers in STEM.

Elaine and STEM

Inclusion Council

The Inclusion Council is comprised of employees who champion Husky's inclusion and diversity initiatives within their own business units. Council members represent various geographic locations, levels and roles within the company.

As agents of change, the council members play an important role in:

  • addressing inclusion and respectful workplace issues
  • assisting business units in achieving their inclusion objectives
  • educating and increasing awareness about the value of inclusion and diversity to Husky's business success
Carmen and Inclusion

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help promote inclusion and diversity, drive employee engagement and provide education across the organization on the backgrounds and experiences of various groups. Husky's ERGs build employee networks that provide members with opportunities for career coaching, mentoring and professional development.

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