Husky is committed to continuous improvement in environmental performance by reducing the impact to land and habitat, air and water. The Company meets and strives to exceed regulatory requirements.

Environmental Performance Monitoring and Assessment

Husky conducts assessments throughout a project’s life cycle to verify that impacts on the environment are minimized. Baseline studies are conducted prior to development activity as part of the environmental impact assessment for large projects, to determine appropriate mitigation. Wildlife studies are part of the monitoring program at certain sites.

Husky has prescriptive programs in place to monitor and report:

  • Air emissions
  • Water management
  • Groundwater quality
  • Soil quality
  • Waste management

Regularly scheduled environmental audits conducted at upstream and downstream facilities identify issues, which are recorded and addressed in an efficient and effective manner.

Husky’s Environmental Performance Reporting System consolidates data from diverse sources to calculate and report environmental performance in a timely, accurate, repeatable and auditable way.

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